Why RE/MAX Hallmark Chay?

April 9, 2019


Why RE/MAX Hallmark Chay?

Do you ever wonder why an agent chooses the brokerage they work with?  I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m happy to explain why I chose RE/MAX Hallmark Chay as my brokerage.  If you don’t know already a real estate sales person must belong to a brokerage and there are a lot of them out there.  When I obtained my real estate license, I knew I wanted to be part of RE/MAX.  While interviewing a variety of brokerages, I learnt very quickly that being part of the RE/MAX #1 Brand meant higher fees for me.

What would I get from RE/MAX that would help my clients?

  1. Sales is all about Marketing and RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate in Canada. More then 95% of homebuyers use the internet for their home search.  From remax.ca, remaxhallmark.com, global.remax.com, the individual REALTOR websites, my angelacristini.com website, the RE/MAX brand attracts attention to your home.  When homebuyers see your home online and that sign on your lawn, they understand that you’re working with a market leader.

Local and National Advertising

TV, radio, billboard, print, internet and social media ads reach millions of people every day to help me, your RE/MAX REALTOR drive more potential buyers, more showings and more overall activity to your home.

A RE/MAX Network of Nearly 115,000 Agents Working Together

Marketing to other top agents is critical in generating higher interest in your property. Marketing within our successful REALTOR network means even greater visibility for your home.  My brokerage RE/MAX Hallmark Chay has 1500+ agents within 26 offices across Ontario.  That makes us the LARGEST BROKERAGE in Ontario and the LARGEST RE/MAX BROKERAGE Worldwide.   I have a great network but being part of RE/MAX Hallmark Chay my network for my clients became stellar!

  1. The support staff is so important and my brokerage knows what to look for when hiring and training these individual professionals. I’m on the phone a lot and I love that my brokerage not only has fantastic receptionists with day and evening service but a professional answering service that goes beyond taking messages.  This is so important when agents call to book a showing or a buyer calls with questions about a property.

When a buyer or seller has an accepted offer, it is the professionals in the DEALS ROOM who ensure all the paperwork is collected for the lawyer’s package.  While the agent is gathering this information it’s the DEALS ROOM who ensures nothing is missed.

Why do I pay the higher fees to be part of RE/MAX? I do it for my clients.  When I am given superior industry tools and resources to get top dollar for my clients listing or I’m connected with a large network that will help me find that perfect home my buyers are searching for then I know I’m where I should be.  While I’d like to take full credit for my client’s rave reviews and referrals, I know it’s a team effort that includes the RE/MAX Hallmark Chay team.  My clients deserve the best service and highest success rate in reaching their goals, I have no doubt I can achieve that for them.  This means I should choose nothing less then the #1 Brand RE/MAX and the #1 brokerage RE/MAX Hallmark Chay.


Angela Cristini,  Sales Representative